It’s not complete without Bake & Eat!

Bake & Eat is a specially developed, great tasting baking chocolate, with easy working and microwaveable properties. It is now one of South Africa’s favourite baking chocolates extensively used at home, and by professional chefs in the hospitality industry.

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Our baking chocolates are of the highest quality ensuring your ingredient is

as passionate about the recipes result as you are

90g Strawberries & Cream

90g Caramel

90g Zero Milk

90g Zero Dark

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Dark Cooking Chocolate

Bake & Eat Cooking Chocolate is registered and authorised by the South African National HALAAL Authority.
Bake and Eat is made to a special recipe which makes it ideal to bake with and its smooth taste means that it is fun to eat just by itself
Our Promise
With Bake & Eat you can have the confidence that you are using a wonderful chocolate ingredient that will help you produce tantalizing desserts, yummy cakes and savoury recipes with a special twist!

Bake & Eat Retailers

Bake & Eat is available nationally in all Checkers stores as well as all Spar stores in South Africa.

You will also find Bake and Eat in many independent and small supermarkets.



07:30 ~ 16.00


07:30 ~ 15.30

TELEPHONE: (+27) 041 373 1316

FAX: (+27) 041 373 6396

EMAIL: Sales@coti.co.za


The Cowlin Centre off Buxton Avenue, Kensington, Port Elizabeth

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