Bake & Eat has been made in Port Elizabeth for over 7 years. As a business we strive to make the best cooking chocolate we can at an affordable price to our customers.

To make Bake & Eat we buy carefully selected raw materials including Fair trade certified cocoa from West Africa. Most of our chocolate making equipment is sourced from Scotland, from the same company used by well known multinational confectionery operations.

We are diligent about keeping high standards in our factory, which is independently audited every year. Even though we are a small South African company we see no reason to believe that we cannot compete with the largest of international players. Our people are drawn from the local community and 60% of our workforce are still with us from our first days as a start up business.

If you cannot find Bake & Eat in your local supermarket contact us and we will ‘make a plan’ to get you the best chocolate for your baking.


Bake & Eat is a specially developed, great tasting baking chocolate, with easy working and microwaveable properties. It is now one of South Africa’s favourite baking chocolates extensively used at home, and by professional chefs in the hospitality industry.

The Bake & Eat recipe uses only the finest ingredients and is made in a factory that is independently audited to ensure excellent food safety standards. All the cocoa used to make Bake & Eat is Fair-trade certified.

Bake & Eat is also Halaal approved by S.A.N.H.A.

Endless possibilities

With Bake & Eat you can have confidence that you are using a wonderful chocolate ingredient that will help you produce tantalising desserts, yummy cakes and savoury recipes with a special twist! You can even make extraordinary and delicious drinks with Bake & Eat.

To help you get started

Get your creative juices flowing with our Bake & Eat chef, Allan Bezuidenhout (Muse Restaurant) has prepared some simple, easy to do recipes that will work as treat for any occasion.